Why I started Digibase Consult I

Since my early years, I have developed interest in ICT, technology and how it works has been my passion, starting from the time I uncoupled my parent’s transistor radio to learn how it works and how I was about to differentiate between the strength of radio waves like SW, AM and FM and the clarity of signal resonated.

I was lucky that my father decided to start a business center affording me access to a Desktop Computer owned by one Bro. Sunday. My first experience on the key board is when I have to assist him to type some projects, although I barely know what to click and typing and printing was a new concept this experience stand as a foundation for me.

My cumulative ability in ICT today is both a function of my curious mind and passion, while curiosity of how technology works was a foundation, developing passion for the use of technology gave me the leverage on the interest I need to develop my skills in ICT. Typing project get made me mastered Microsoft Office Word that I often assist some secondary schools to type their exam papers.

During my last year at the college I got my first Laptop, HP 630, which further helped to strengthen my skills, I was the one who typed several of my friend’s undergraduate thesis, as I also bought a printing machine with the laptop. My mum later bought me the second PC which was a Dell Desktop computer, it was through the Desktop computer that I learned how to format a PC and Install windows, I also proceeded to learn Hardware Engineering at Classic System Infotech where I got my first employment .

Working in an IT Institute I didn’t have much knowledge of ICT except hardware engineer, but due to the passion I have, I began practicing Microsoft Office suite, Graphic Design and Web Design.

To be continued……

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